About Us

Company Overview

Our company “GV Watch Sdn Bhd”, is a professional highly-priced watches boutique; began business 20 years ago, well known for a professional, honest and excellent service. Have received favorable criticisms from the people within the watch companies. Whether new or second-hand watches we guarantee its original from Switzerland and you can also enjoy a full service for your watch. All watches are to their most excellent quality it is better than the international market price.


We buy, sell, consignment new & used branded goods such as bags, watches, accessories, and also diamond, jewelry.  All goods 100% genuine. We welcome you to visit our store to exchange the knowledge of watches, share our admiration of watches of my table and exchange our friendship through it.


“GV Watch世界名表专卖店”, 是一个专业名表行; 开始业务已达至20年, 是众所皆知的专业、诚信和优质的服务.本公司常年高价回收及销售各类二手名牌奢侈品,包括各类名牌包包,如(LV Gucci Hermes Chanel等)各类名牌手表,如(ROLEX OMEGA CARTIER PATEK PHILIPPE PANERAI IWC等)各类名牌首饰,如(CARTIER Bvlgari Tiffany等)各类名牌挂件,价格绝对公道合理,绝对是新山所有二手店中最高的。我们不怕您的比对,只怕您不去比对~只要您的一个来电,我们团队必定抱着顾客就是上帝的态度,给予您最为满意的答复…让您卖的放心,花的开心~所有物品我们都将以成色以及款式定价,现金收讫,信誉保证!本店将为您提供手表的专业知识与技巧;您还可以享有专属于个人的完整服务。我们也欢迎您到本店来交换手表的知识.本店收购和卖出的都为正货,非诚勿扰,假货请绕道,谢谢配合!