1. Why buy a branded watch from GV Watch?
Buying your watch here will help you save money and time, also receive high-quality products and services to the cheapest price. Here you can buy a watch that you have admired for and we will provide professional, friendly, and courteous service. So we welcome your visit and any inquiries that you have.

2. Who is operating GV Watch?
The management team here has more than 20 years of experience in regards to maintenance and identification of the watches, we have established a reputation of excellence.

3. Why are the watches here selling at a cheaper price?
Simple analysis: Our company buys a large amount directly from the factory and well-known watch agents, so we can buy at a cheaper price and then sell directly to our customers. In addition, our company is located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Store rent is relatively cheaper compared to other cities. We provide high quality of products and services to all customers with a minimal business profit.

4. Is there original packing and documentation to prove the original product provided with specially ordered watches?
All watches comes with a guarantee that it is genuine and original, all new products are insured by the factories with insurance policies, the original box and complete accessories. Most second hand watches comes with the guarantee but a few do not. But whether new or second-hand watches that are sold from our company we will provide you with a company guarantee. Second-hand watches do have a guarantee of it’s originality but the glass, belts and other consumable parts are excluded from the guarantee.

5. Do all watches have a warranty? How long is the warranty for?
Within the warranty period, if it is not man-made or a natural disaster the repair will be free. However the warranty excludes man-made accidents that lead to damages to the magnetic movement of the watch to cause inner machine damage and water resistance etc. All new products are provided with a two-year warranty, and second hand watches have a one year warranty.

6. What is the General Maintenance of a watch?
Whether it is a mechanical or quartz watch you must avoid water and collision. Apart from special diving watches, it is not recommended that you wear your watch for a swim, a bath or impact from a high drop. In addition to special dive tables, swim wear bathing is not recommended, you cannot fall from a height and impact. When not wearing your watch place it in a dry and safe place. Please do not put your watch on top of a washing machine, home appliances such as televisions, computer equipment or motor machinery to prevent the magnetization (also prevent from wearing the watch in a radiation room.) Normally if there is dirt, you can wipe the watch with a watch cloth. Send the watch to a watch store or factory service center once every two to three years for watch maintenances.

7.What are the methods of payment?
At present the method of payment our company accepts are:
1. Cash 2. Credit card (Visa & Master) 3. 0% Instalment plan

8. Can I order a watch that your company has not published? How do you inquiry about it?
Yes you may. Phone us or email us regarding the watch that you like, preferably provide us with a photo or model number, the style size or functions etc. The more detailed information we are supplied with the easier our job is to make every effort to provide you with the best price.

9. Can view the actual watch? How do I get to your store?
Yes you are welcome to visit our store, our address is:
# 01-01 Ground Floor, Grand Paragon Hotel, Taman Century, 80250. Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
Phone-number: +607-2769898

# Lot12, Lobby Level, Mutiara Hotel, Mutiara Hotel Johor Barhu, Taman century. JB
Phone-number: +607-3345555

10. Can sell back to your store second-hand watches?
Yes you may. Please visit our shop, bring your watch with it’s original box, insurance policies and original accessories etc. Additionally if our trade is successful please attach your personal documents and complete the form of consentment of sale.

11. Will your store be able to identify genuine from fake watches and also the prices?
The appraisal and valuation of watches are only for the products that we provide in our store. We do not offer identification or valuation of any other products that we do not provide or any other trade that is not within our store. We apologize for that.

12. What are the main movements of a watch? What is a mechanical watch?

Watches are mainly divided into mechanical watches and quartz watches. Mechanical watches are divided into hand chain and automatic chain. Automatic chain watches have a automatic plate attached to it. It operates using the force of gravity by human activity to automatically save power winding. Hand chain watches operates manually it uses manual movements to save power transfer. Additionally the kinetic energy of Quartz watches comes from the battery, the battery life is around about 1 to 2 years. Advanced mechanical watches have a date or time difference of only about 8 to 15 seconds and the quartz watches have a difference of about 1 minute about 1 minute.

1.為什麼選擇在gv watch 購買名錶?

2.是誰在營運GV Watch

簡單來說:我們公司直從原廠和知名的代理商大量購買,我們因此可以拿到比較便宜的折扣並直接回饋給客戶。此外,我們公司因為位在马来西亚柔佛新山,門市租金相對比別的城市便宜,以最少的利潤,最高的品質和服務 提供給各國客戶。

所有的手錶都保證原廠原裝,全新品都附有原廠的保單盒子及齊全的配件, 二手名表大部分有,少部分沒有。但無論全新或二手的名錶售出,都附有我們公司的保證證明,二手名表也是保證原裝,但是玻璃、皮帶 等消耗性零件,不在保證原裝範圍。

5.所有手錶都有保固嗎? 大約多久?

無論是機械或石英名錶,都要注意防水和防撞,除了特殊潛水錶外,游泳洗澡時都不建議佩帶,不能從高 處摔落及撞擊。不用時請放置在乾燥安全的地方,請不要放在洗衣機、電視機 及電腦等家電儀器或有馬達的機械上,以防止磁化 ( 也請勿帶入放射線醫療室 )。平常若有污垢, 可以用擦錶布擦拭,兩年至三年交送錶店或原廠維修中心保養機芯一次。

1。付现 2。刷卡(Visa & Master)


9. 我是否可以看到手錶實品,如何到貴店呢?
Branch: #01-01 Ground Floor, Grand Paragon Hotel, Taman Century, JB, Malaysia

Branch: Lot12, Lobby Level, Mutiara Hotel, Mutiara Hotel Johor Barhu, Taman century. JB



12.手錶主要有哪幾種機芯? 機械錶是什麼?
手錶主要分為機械錶和石英錶,機械錶又分為手上鍊和自動上鍊,自動上鍊附自動盤,以人體活動時地心引力牽動自動盤來儲存 動力至發條,手上鍊機心以手動轉緊發條來儲存動力。另外石英錶的動能來自電池,電池的壽命約1~2年,高級機械錶日誤差8~15秒,石英錶年誤差1分左 右。

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance.  Alternatively, please visit our store.

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